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Papagena’s most recent release on the SOMM recording label. Released in 2020 the album features first recordings, music covering many cultures and spanning centuries in over eleven languages.

Darkest Midnight CD cover.jpg
The darkest midnight

Papagena’s second album, released on the SOMM recording label in 2018. Reaching No.6 in the UK Classical Music Charts and No.1 in the Amazon download chards. The Darkest Midnight is Papagena’s usual eclectic mix with a wintry theme.

Nuns and Roses cd cover copy.jpg
nuns and roses

Papagena’s first, limited edition recording made in 2017. There were only 500 copies of this album made, so if you are one of the unlucky ones, you can still hear the programme if you come to one of their concerts.

papsolutely fabulous: podcast

Papagena were busy in 2020 creating their own Podcast. Four episodes of the group doing what they love most: talking, laughing and sharing their thoughts with each other.

Papsolutely Fab logo.JPG
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